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Dec-09-2018, 07:53 GMT

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Paul posted this on his instagram today

Last Thursday evening I had the most extraordinary conversation with a man in Antarctica. He was trekking unaccompanied across the the continent, pulling behind him a 300-pound sled that held his camping equipment, food and supplies. I first heard of Colin O’Brady (@colinobrady) a few weeks ago when a friend told me that a man was making the first solo walking trip across Antarctica and he had listened to my album, Graceland, for a solid day straight. I contacted his family after I read a piece in The New York Times about O’Brady’s mission, and his wife set up a satellite phone conversation between us. It was ‪10:30 p.m.‬ his time, and ‪8:30 p.m.‬ on the East Coast, where I live. The main difference was that Colin was living in 24-hour-a-day sunlight, and it was already dark outside our house.
I asked him about the landscape — entirely white with no visible landmarks, although he was climbing to an altitude of 8,000 feet. He was almost half-way through his arduous journey. I asked him if he felt lonely in the desolate landscape with no companionship. He said he spoke with his wife, Jenna, every evening. He told me that he wasn’t lonely and had a lot of time to think on all sorts of matters from the mundane to the spiritual, with more time lately on the spiritual. O’Brady is 33 years Old and a Yale graduate, an experienced endurance athlete and adventurer. We promised to meet when he comes home and is rested. I’m looking forward to seeing him and hearing more about his amazing achievement. — ‪Paul Simon‬

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Dec-10-2018, 12:04 GMT
USA - United Staates America

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So how much will this meeting delay the next album? :)

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Simon D.
Dec-21-2018, 13:17 GMT
United Kingdom

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The long - distance phone call :

"Hey Col, its Paul.

"Maybe you could do me a favour"

"I know its cold there, ("colder than the moon " ) and rumour has it even the penguins loved "Graceland", but its the human angle , as ever, that concerns me, all those hearts that need to be touched. My ad-men tell me that my profile is pretty poor down there, low sales, and I really want to be truly known in every part of the globe. I would do it myself, but as you know I have quit touring now ( even to dear Old England), and am not one for schlepping around any more at my time of life.

So if you could Col, spread the word, keep playing the album, I just need that one more sales shot at redemption.

So long now. Keep warm. Coo Coo Ca- Choo "

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