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HeadlineReview of last show at Corona park

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Sep-25-2018, 17:37 GMT
USA - United Staates America

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Sorry, I did not find the time to write a short review here. I did of course post some pictures on FB and a short movie clip ;-)

I am still in NY, and we are just off to Broadway to buy some tickets. Jut a quick note: This final show was - I think - the best I ever attendet.
Not that there was anything worse with London, it would have been a great last show too, but this was just Perfect A+++.

Paul talked a little bit more than usual.
He played baseball with the audience.
I was at fron row again, and filmed during 3 songs. I hope we end up on the DVD ;-)
Edie Brickell was on stage for a brief moment.
There was not a single mistake during the performance (you know, those little thiny mistakes only fans would recognize...nothing, while in London Paul missed they lyric lines maybe 2 times)

And I finally met Rudi and Joey, Miriam and Chris at a show. And also the fans from London again.. too many names!! :-D

See you soon.

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Sep-25-2018, 18:54 GMT

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Agree totally Bodo. We got to Beautiful about Carole King staying on the singer/songwriter theme - well worth attending!!

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Sep-28-2018, 18:59 GMT

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fully agree that this was a fantastic show - well worth travelling all the way from Scandinavia. I only have two others to compare with, and they were both amazing too, but of course something special about this. Also felt like there was a lovely atmosphere - my friend and I were behind in the 'blanket area' until the encores and it was lovely lying in the grass looking at the stars while Paul sang Questions fot the Angels. And lots of space to dance :)

I drank beer so naturally had to go pee in the middle, but let me tell you, Paul Simon live was by far the best entertainment I ever had in a portapotty!

I felt kind of depressed the days after because I don't think I've ever felt quite so content with life as when I've been at Paul's concerts. Tragic perhaps, but there it is. But I'm also so grateful to still have all that music to listen to. And as a sustainability researcher it gives me inspiration to see Paul's passion for environmental issues (I know, that transatlantic flight haunts me a bit... but this will keep me going for quite some time) - although I would Love to sit down with Paul for a heart to heart about Wilson's Half Earth idea, which I have my reservations about ;) That aside, it's nice to see someone you admire greatly share your concerns and passions.


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Sep-29-2018, 00:17 GMT

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Does anyone know how many people attended the last concert?

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Sep-29-2018, 19:00 GMT
USA - United Staates America

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We also went to see Beautiful. Too sad there is not a Paul Simon musical...

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Sep-29-2018, 19:03 GMT
USA - United Staates America

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There were said to be around 40.000 maybe 45.000 people.
This was not a huge area like central park. We walked by there in money, actually we walked from Pauls house to it

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Sep-29-2018, 19:04 GMT
USA - United Staates America

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On monday... not in money. Autocorrect gives me a hard Time...

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Oct-01-2018, 00:58 GMT

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Were you aware there is a Simon & Garfunkel musical show in the west End and is coming to Dublin. http://www.gaietytheatre.ie/events/the-simon-and-g

Did you you enjoy beautiful?

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Oct-15-2018, 16:50 GMT
USA - United Staates America

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Beautiful was great.

I have no idea about the sg musical. The website says Irland and London...?

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Oct-16-2018, 19:47 GMT

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The show is on in Dublin for a week at the end of October- no mention of who is staring. However tickets are between 18€ & 35€ in a relatively small theatre so I can’t see it being of the highest quality but I think I’ll go - maybe Artie will make an appearance😄

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Oct-16-2018, 20:06 GMT

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From what I know it is not a real musical. But a show by a sort of cover band telling the S&G story from Tom and Jerry till the concert in Central Park. A friend went last year and said it was very good. I have tickets for february. They have been touring all over the wrold now for a few years, so there must be something good in it.

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Oct-17-2018, 17:11 GMT

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That's right. It's a kind of a coverband. They're pretty good, especially "Artie" looks and sounds like Artie himself. I saw them performing in my home town last February. It's the only way to see "Paul and Art" toeter.

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Oct-17-2018, 17:13 GMT

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Toeter = together. Autocorrect thinks I'm typing Dutch...

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Nov-04-2018, 21:21 GMT

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Went to the S&G story and it was quite enjoyable- they were very good on the more popular songs, not so on the less we’ll know ones. But it was great that they covered those too! On the screen behind them there was a montage of images and newsreels from the time covered. The two lads also changed outfits to match the times. The set list as follows: 1. The sound of silence
2. He Was My Brother
3. Hey Schoolgirl
4. Bleecker street
5. Leaves That Are Green
6. Kathy’s song
7. I Am A Rock
8. Richard Cory
9. Wednesday morning 3am
10. The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
11. Patterns
12. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
13. Homeward Bound
14. Scarborough fair
15. The 59th Street Bridge Song (feelin’ groovy)
Set 2:
1. Mrs. Robinson
2. A Hazy Shade Of Winter
3. Voices of Old people (tape)
4. Old Friends
5. Punky’s dilemma
6. America
7. Fakin’ it
8. Cecilia
9. Keep The Customer Satisfied
10. The Only Living Boy In New York
11. -instrumental solosong interlude- 50 ways, YCCMA
12. Late In The Evening
13. Baby Driver
14. Bye bye Love
15. Bridge Over Troubled Water
16. The Boxer

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