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Nov-18-2017, 23:23 GMT

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Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Songs from the Capeman. We are the only ones who remember or actually care.

We did not know at the time, but this would mark a final third of Simon's career that would be high in quality, but much, much more discreet.

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Nov-21-2017, 19:46 GMT
United Kingdom

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I remember when I first got online, around the time of Capeman, many of us thought Paul was retired. if you had said in 1997, over the next 20 years, we would have:

1 tour with Bob Dylan
1 tour with Brian Wilson
2 tours with Sting
A S&G reunion and 3 tours with Art Garfunkel
8 solo tours
4 solo albums
4 new live DVDs
A release of the Capeman Cast Album
A release of the Paul Simon Songbook
A release of OTP on DVD
A release of Live at the Tower
2 official S&G live albums from the 60s
A way to download many bootlegs at high quality and high speed

and still more to come in 2017...

Nobody would have believed you.

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Nov-22-2017, 21:55 GMT

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Hi Matthew,

The world tour in 1991/92 was probably meant as last farewell. 150 shows with one of the best bands ever. 1,5 years in preparing and doing, very much appreciated by critics and sold out. 2 or 3 million visitors including CP.

Then seven years of work for the Capeman (which he had begun even before ROTS), as "crowning achievement" (Rolling Stone), but a Flop as the movie OTP.

If the Capeman had been as successful as "Cats" or "West Side Story", with a running time of several years over the world, maybe we had missed all what you mentioned above.

Having a choice i would prefer it the way it was, with a Paul Simon showing he could be as relevant and praised as ever, with a young voice at 75 and a perfect band and sound.

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Nov-24-2017, 04:10 GMT

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for me - personally - The Capeman is still the best of his last 5 albums...
It was the end of his world-music aera, where a full album had a concrete concept and sound. It has some great (and underrated) songs... Adios Hermanos, Bernadette, The Vampires, Trailways Bus.

I cant believe that this was 20 years ago.

It was the first Simon album I bought when it actually was released.

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Nov-24-2017, 04:20 GMT

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Matthew, there was an interview in fall 1997 Paul did (or many interviews) where he said that he is going to retire. He definately will not tour again he said.
That was the only interview back then I ever found (in a german magazine), and it was such a sad day for me.

Again: If Paul would play those Capeman songs live, they would be as famous and great as Diamonds, Al, Me and Julio, 50 ways. Those are upbeat and dancable songs with a carribean feeling - even if you do not know them you Love the melody, instruments and the doowoop.
Too bad Paul Simon dislikes to look back on his failures.

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Nov-24-2017, 09:31 GMT

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Some songs are real diamonds (and mostly underrasted - I agree, Bodo). I was born in Puerto Rico, Bernadette and The Vampires are among my favourites. And a song like Jesus es mi Seņor (which appeared on the never formally released cast album) is one of the best gospel songs ever written.

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Nov-24-2017, 13:15 GMT

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On the Paul-Bob-tour he played at least one song. Trailways Bus I think.

One big problem is that you can hear, but cannot understand most lyrics without knowing the story.

On OTP there is a certain sense in most songs without knowing the movie.

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Nov-24-2017, 13:36 GMT

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I agree with you Bodo (by the way: great new flag! ;-) ): There are many good songs from the Capeman which could be great in concert...too bad Paul never plays them!

And IMO, There are more good songs in The Capeman than in many very famous musicals...

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Nov-24-2017, 21:58 GMT

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Quality would be in my top 10 favourite Paul Simon songs - I had hoped that the the season in the Brooklyn Academy would bring the songs into favour.

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Nov-24-2017, 23:54 GMT

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Flag is mixed up, i am in mexico... still great 😁

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Dec-09-2017, 20:29 GMT

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What's happened to my Flag? Is this due to Brexit?

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