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HeadlineYouíve Got Me in Chains

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Gary Edward Allen
Oct-17-2017, 07:31 GMT

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Youíve Got Me in Chains

All of your promises lay broken on the floor
Makes me wonder what else you have in store

Are you trying to place me in chains?
So little of my Love for you still remains

Iím caught in the cobwebs of your desire
Could swear that even my dreams are on fire

You should really count your blessings
Instead you always keep me second guessing

You want all of me and wonít settle for anything less
While you are at my side Iím far from being my best

You are even stalking me within my dreams
Can this cold reality be as bleak as it can seem

Iíve always been a faithful lover to you
But you own a cold heart that canít be true

When I have to wake up next to you
Iím often left feeling sad and blue

Your words are so often cruel and unkind
Hope there is still time to change my mind

Youíve got my in chains from head to toe
Will I ever break free, itís hard to know

This unhappy house no longer feels like my home
Think I would be far better off all on my own

I want to kiss you and your controlling ways goodbye
And reach out and touch the early morning sky

Iíll be gone before tomorrowís sun sets
Iíll be on the winding road of no regrets

Gary Edward Allen 2017

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