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Simon's new Tour. The Associated Press New York (AP)

Simon磗 New Tour Is About Music, Not Art

Published: July 1, 2006

NEW YORK (AP) -- Paul Simon磗 new tour is about music, not Art. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer launched his first solo tour in five years with a Wednesday show in Cleveland, supporting his critically acclaimed album 创Surprise.创 His last time on the road in 2003-04, Simon teamed up with old friend Art Garfunkel, rather than going alone.

创The situation with Artie was unique,创 Simon said about their
collaboration. 创I really had to think about what would serve that show the best. ... But when I磎 doing my own show, I do what I want to do with the show. I don磘 have to share responsibilities.创

Simon, 64, said one of the challenges of this tour is re-creating the soundscapes from the album that came out of a collaboration with avant-garde musician Brian Eno.

创To a degree I try to do it; to a degree I don磘,创 Simon said.
创Every live performance is essentially different from the album.
Everything stretches out, gets bigger, louder, longer. Here, the main thing is I don磘 have Brian. But to a degree, I can use some of the album sounds.创


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