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Downloads offline

from Bodo , 2003-03-03

Sorry... 21Gb downloads in the last 4 days, that was too much :) The file server for the videos is offline, if someone knows a good free place let me know...

Paul on Letterman!

from Bodo , 2003-03-11

Today (March 11) Paul will be the guest musician at the David Letterman show. Think he will sing F&D, watch it if you can (record-
kazaa :) )

Video Downloads

from Bodo , 2003-03-18

For a very short time the 3 latest Paul Simon videos now available at Nicolas site. Please download them fast in the next 2 days!!

FAD Good Morning America:

FAD Letterman
SOS Grammys

And the oscar goes to...

from jerry , 2003-03-24

... (unfortunately) Eminem. A shame in my opinion. But Paul performed Father & Daughter, though with a small band (as far as I recognized 4 people).

New Simon solo song - Wartime Prayers

from Bodo , 2003-03-25

Paul Simon and John Mayer jammed together May 14 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The invitation-only concert was taped for īIn Tune,ī a new VH1 series. It premieres at 8 tonight.

Unfortunately, viewers wonīt get to see one of the highlights of the
exclusive Rock Hall engagement, a new Simon tune titled Father and Daughter - Oscarīs

And the mp3

from Bodo , 2003-03-25


FaD video from the Oscars

from Bodo , 2003-03-25

Thanks to Nicolas
for the video of Paulīs Oscar performance! You can download the mpg here directly from his site
Father and Daughter - Oscarīs

War and the impact on Pauls songwriting

from Bodo , 2003-03-27

Paul Simon says that the war with Iraq is bound to have at least a subtle impact on his songwriting. Simon has written such socially conscious songs as īThe Sounds Of Silence,ī īAmerica,ī īBridge Over Troubled Water,ī and īThe Boxer,ī but he says he probably wonīt write any overt protest or anti-war songs.
īIīm not really comfortable about being, you know, overtly political,ī Simon said. īI donīt feel that we ever really know enough, and also because I donīt actually think itīs...There are better ways of using songs--for me, anyway--than making a direct political statement. I think indirect political statements have always been in my music.ī
Simon adds, īItīs not politics so much--itīs the human side of it thatīs more interesting to me, and that has more of an emotional resonance for me than the politics.ī
Simon is currently working on a new studio album in New York City.

SCATTY from RīnīR Hall of Fame 2003

from Bodo , 2003-03-27

Here is Pauls performance of
īStill crazy after all these years.mp3ī
from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony March 11, 2003 where Pauls Still crazy album (1975) has been voted among 21 other titles this year, into a timeless list of the best 606 musicalbums from every style.